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Advancing and integrating environmental technologies

Life & Earth, a pivotal arm of Life Green Group, spearheads innovative environmental solutions from waste management and landscape restoration to aerial surveying.


Life & Earth
Sustainable organic waste management solutions

Life & Earth implements and manages successful and sustainable organic waste solutions for our clients. These solutions help our clients achieve their zero waste to landfill goals, minimise their carbon footprint, and mitigate risks associated with new waste legislation.

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How we do it

We offer various solutions for recycling food waste, catering to the quantity of food waste generated, ranging from household to large-scale industrial solutions.

Scalable in-vessel composting options

Earth Bokashi

The Earth Bokashi solution uses indigenous micro-organisms to pre-treat food waste in anaerobic collection bins. Treated food waste can be stored indefinitely and then composted, trenched, or fed to composting worms. Easy to use and train, Earth Bokashi is an ideal solution for waste volumes of less than 2 000 kg/month.

Earth Cycler

The Earth Cycler is a fully automated, data-connected, in-vessel composting machine. Using minimum energy, the Earth Cycler can be accessed and remotely managed from anywhere in the world. A flow-through continuous process solution, the Earth Cycler can process up to 3 500 kg food waste per month PLUS a carbon input including waste cardboard, egg cartons, and compostable packaging.

Composting of green waste

All green (garden) waste generated at Life Landscapes sites is composted by Life & Earth. This not only eliminates carbon emissions from green waste but also enables Life Landscapes to build rich organic soil and sequestering carbon, promoting our sustainable landscaping solutions.

Life & Earth’s compost is 100% organic and boasts an exceptionally high nutrient value due to its food waste component.

Recycle your food waste

On-site food waste composting solutions can scale from household to industrial volumes.

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