Sustainability statement

At Life Green Group, sustainability and responsible environmental stewardship are integral to the way we conduct business. Continuously improving our understanding of the various environmental, social, and governance (ESG) aspects our company affects, we strive to support, protect, and enhance these components through responsible business practices. Life Green Group is an award-winning, professional, and passionate company, providing enduring ESG-conscious solutions.

As a proudly South African company, we also recognise and embrace our social responsibility to enhance the lives of the people who live and work within the vicinity of our projects and operations. Committed to building a sustainable future, we offer practical, innovative, and integrated solutions that improve social cohesion and the well-being of local communities, all while enhancing the natural environment and reducing our collective carbon footprint.

Through implementation of this statement, LGG will continue to be an industry leader in sustainable practices, within our own operations and that of our clients. Appropriately, LGG will continue to:

  • adopt and integrate best practice guidelines throughout our own operations and related projects and initiatives;
  • comply with applicable environmental, health and safety laws, regulations, and other requirements;
  • engage, educate, and connect with our staff to equip them, through upskilling and training, to implement this policy and contribute positively to our clients’ operations;
  • promote the inclusion and responsible management of ESG aspects throughout our initiatives and projects; and
  • identify and assess opportunities within our own operations and that of our clients that could positively impact the various ESG components.

Furthermore, LGG is currently in the process of restructuring key business frameworks to enhance our understanding of our ESG footprint and to further embed sustainability throughout the company.