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Greening spaces, enriching lives indoors

Indoor plantscaping services that help enrich commercial, retail, and other spaces with the unique beauty and benefits of interior greenery.

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Life Indoors

Service excellence is the cornerstone of our leadership in the industry. We foster strong collaborative relationships with leading interior designers, architects, facility companies, and South African corporates. By understanding our clients’ conceptual designs, budgetary constraints, and specific needs, we compile detailed proposals that demonstrate how we can enhance their interior spaces.

Life Green Group has been great to work with. We worked with them on several big commercial projects and their work is of first class.  Would recommend them to anyone.

Zodwa van Tonder / INC Africa

Life Indoors has a very quick response time and we can strongly recommend them as a service provider, as this is a company with very high work standard.

Charmaine Klugg-Price / Country Club Johannesburg

I can confirm the excellent and high standard of service that Life Landscapes and Life Indoors deliver. Their commitment to service delivery is commended. I can highly recommend their services.

Charles Muller / Empact Group

All Life Indoors staff and management that interact with PwC’s staff and clients alike are exceptionally professional. We are very happy with the level of professional service being delivered.

Lara Warden / PwC

What you can expect from Life Indoors is a streamlined, honest process built on open communication and through industry knowledge that dramatically simplifies the construction process. They are a partner to be relied on from the start of the project.

Yolandi Coertze / HATCH

I can highly recommend Life Indoors to any business who enjoys the beauty of well-maintained office plants.

M Jordaan / SA Taxi Development Finance


Life Indoors

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