Life Landscapes

Shaping landscapes for a sustainable future

Landscape construction, maintenance, and sports facilities services to create functional and aesthetically pleasing environments.


Life Landscapes

As a professional landscaping services company, we specialise in indigenous, water-wise gardening and the integration of carbon-positive practices across all our projects.

Our clientele in the commercial sector includes corporate office parks, hotels, resorts, shopping malls, airports, hospitals, and recreational parks. What sets us apart is our adeptness at resolving our clients’ challenges through innovative solutions within the realm of sustainable landscaping.

The surge in popularity of residential estates, housing complexes, and retirement villages among South Africans underscores the growing significance of our immediate environments and outdoor spaces. Consequently, our dedicated maintenance teams are committed to enhancing and managing these areas in accordance with our clients’ preferences and goals, enhancing the visual appeal of developments and residents’ quality of life.

Life Landscapes provides tailored maintenance solutions for industrial and mining sites. 

Leveraging our extensive expertise and capabilities, we efficiently undertake large-scale landscape maintenance tasks in challenging and high-risk environments. Our primary focus is on safeguarding critical infrastructure while mitigating risks to both our clients and the environment. Our personnel involved in industrial and mining projects are rigorously trained in various health and safety protocols to ensure operational excellence.

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Life Landscapes

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