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Sports fields and turf management

We are devoted to the meticulous care of academic institution grounds, with a special emphasis on sports fields. Our focus is on creating vibrant and secure environments where future champions can thrive. Recognising the crucial role these spaces play in shaping student experiences, we prioritise their maintenance to foster athletic talent and facilitate excellence.

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World-class sports fields

Our experienced field specialists ensure that sports fields are maintained at a world-class level, providing safe and inspiring areas for students’ athletic endeavours. Safety is paramount, and we maintain security clearances to safeguard school environments, allowing students to grow and play in protected landscapes.

Embracing sustainability, we use organic fertilisers to nurture soil health, creating thriving, eco-friendly landscapes. Whether installing new sports fields and irrigation systems or providing continuous upkeep, we offer tailored, comprehensive solutions for each school’s unique needs.

Our distinguishing factor lies in our unwavering commitment to excellence. We deeply comprehend the impact of these outdoor spaces on young minds, aiming to cultivate an environment conducive to growth, success, and the development of future champions. Beyond being a landscaping company, we are partners in nurturing talent, fostering safe spaces, and supporting the aspirations of the next generation.

Operating across educational and sport facilities requires a unique approach that is non-disruptive to learners, staff, and athletes. Furthermore, prioritising the health of users involves incorporating nature-based solutions, which includes applying organic fertilisers across fields and minimising the use of harsh chemicals (e.g. herbicides).

To ensure the safety and security of all our clients’ sites, our teams undergo extensive background checks and security clearances with the assistance of independent specialist and the South African Police Services.

Our educational facilities teams are passionate about promoting environments that are conducive to learning and creativity. Additionally, our specialised sports turf team has experience in installing, maintaining, and treating various sports turfs, including athletics fields, astroturf, multi-courts, bowling greens, golf courses, cricket pitches, and hockey and rugby fields.

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