About Life Indoors

Environmental studies have proven obvious links between psychological stability, stress levels and environmental factors. Not only do plants absorb carbon dioxide, but they also aid the flow and circulation of oxygen and are essential for purifying the air by removing toxins. That is why Life Indoors endeavors to bring the outdoors, in.

Plants are recognised for their healing properties, promoting the reduction of stress levels and tension, with improved concentration, enhanced creativity and an overall enriched well-being. If plants are so important in fostering more happy and relaxed living and working environments, why not the outside in?

Here at Life Indoors we understand that with 80-90% of our daily awake hours spent indoors, it is vitally important that we include live planting in and around our living and working spaces. Life Indoors is a team brimming with an abundance of creativity, passion and enthusiasm for all things greenery and plants. With a vivacious appetite for creating beautiful spaces, our team is dedicated to transforming our clients work environments into green, tranquil spaces, by enriching them with the unique beauty of indoor plants.