Jackal Creek Corner

Life Landscapes joined the landscape architects on-site to install the landscaping at Jackal Creek Corner Shopping Centre. The scope of works included importing topsoil and compost, supplying and planting of 139 indigenous trees as well as over 13 000 groundcovers and shrubs of various sizes.

An automated drip irrigation system was installed during the landscape construction to ensure adequate watering and beds were topped off with bark chip mulch to increase water retention and reduce weed growth.  The site is instantly recognisable by the centre piece, showcasing a large steel Jackal, an art piece by a local artist. Paving, gravel and landscaping was by Life.

Melrose Square

After just two months, Life Landscapes transformed this project from a construction site into an award-winning lush green garden. The team was challenged by having to work around a working construction site, where plants were damaged and had to be replaced.

The client wanted and instant green space that didn’t require time to grow. With that being kept in mind, the team spent a lot of time hand-picking the correct plants that were well established in order to give the garden a mature look. Life Landscapes were responsible for excavating the old soil and replacing it with new soil, supplying and planting trees; installing irrigation; planting of all beds and softscaping. This site won a SALI Gold Award in 2021 in the category of “Landscape Construction with Design by Others”.

Sitari Country Estate

Life Landscapes partnered with the team at Sitari in 2015 to start the landscape installation for the newly developed Estate. Life Landscapes was responsible for all the landscape construction and installations within the parks, streets and communal areas and most of the residential units.

Our landscape construction projects are on-going as the estate is still growing and being developed, with new units being built every year. The landscape maintenance is also carried out by Life Landscapes, ensuring the traditional Cape garden plants are kept looking their best. In 2021, Life planted over 600 trees in Sitari.