Residential Estate Landscaping and Installations

Gardens and green spaces are important selling points for property developers of residential estates. A well-constructed common area sets the tone of the estate and can position an estate in a class of its own. Life Landscapes is skilled and experienced in working on large landscaping projects at estate gate houses, club houses and common areas to beautify estates and attract quality buyers. Estate gardens also act as ‘show gardens’ for residents to conceptualise the garden standards set by the developers and the Home Owners Association (HOA).

Residential estate installations require hard work and meticulous planning and attention to detail. Our installation department complies with Environmental Impact Assessment studies and takes the estate’s biodiversity into consideration. We also ensure consistency is maintained in the hardscaping and vegetation so that these comply with the planting palate and desired standards set by the HOA.

Life Landscapes can install the following:

“Gardens are not made by singing, ‘Oh, how beautiful,’ and sitting in the shade.” – Rudyard Kipling


Our installation department has a large support structure and is assisted by administration staff who facilitate the ordering of plants, ensure punctual deliveries and aid with the quoting process. All site supervisors have access to the company’s machinery to assist with the installation process. The Life Landscapes installation department strives for service excellence and prides itself in always meeting project deadlines.

Residents pay the HOA committee to provide a standard of service that complies with guidelines set by the estate.

Residential Estate Landscape Service Options:

  • Install gardens for houses that have been built but not yet purchased.
  • Be listed by the HOA as the recommended landscape installation contractor for residents’ gardens.
  • Install only the common area gardens.

Life Landscapes also specialises in residential estate maintenance as well as installations.