An indigenous planting list for a pink palette garden

We know what indigenous trees and shrubs tickled us pink but what about the flowers for a pink palette garden? 

If you are looking to plant a pink palette landscape there are loads of indigenous varieties of flowers,  that come in a variety of shades of pink from ballerina pink to coral to brighter shades.

Pink has strong connotations to women, breast cancer awareness , prostate cancer, bullying, the Japanese cherry blossoms and gay pride. 

In colour psychology pink is a calm and caring colour. Keep your indigenous South African garden in the pink of health with this gorgeous pink palette planting list compiled by Life Landscapes

Hot pink indigenous flowers for a pink palette garden

Brakvygie (Aptenia cordifolia)

The brakvygie makes for great ground cover and it is extremely resilient to drought. Landscapers appreciate it because it is so easy-going and gets hot pink blooms.  

Kidney-leafed Pelargonium (Pelargonium reniforme)

Pelargonium reniforme is an attractive showy plant with flower colours varying from pink to magenta. It is also drought-resistant and all indigenous geranium and pelargonium species are important for butterflies

Natal Sour Fig (Carpobrotu edulis)

 It is an easy-to-grow succulent ground cover, ideal for low-maintenance and water-wise gardens. It is also a useful first-aid plant with edible fruits for the herb or kitchen garden. One of the few plants that can grow directly on the beach. 

Pink wild Tibouchina (Diiotis canescens)

It is easy to grow, and is ideal for the water or vlei (marsh) garden, or for that difficult, permanently damp spot.

Pale flamingo-pink blossoms for a pink palette garden

Bride's spiderhead (Serruria rosea)

A truly sensational specimen, and one of the showiest spiderheads. It is a fynbos species that can grow in the Highveld.

Confetti bush  (Coleonema pulchellum)

Keeping in-line with the wedding theme, the confetti bush has lovely blush-pink flowers. The bush remains showy throughout the year and is suitable for areas with lots of wind.

Wedding bell (Dierama pendulum)

As we continue down the isle of pink palette gardening the Dierama pendulum has wand-like stems graced with stunning lemonade-pink flowers. This evergreen specimen is well suited to a veld garden. It is a protected species.

Fairy Crassula (Crassula multicava)

The fairy crassula is well known among succulent collectors and makes for great ground cover. It gets pastel pink wispy flowers.

Green’s Baleria (Baleria greeni)

A very useful hedging plant with long green thorns and pale ballerina-pink blossoms.

pink palette garden

Groot spoorsalie (Plactranthus ecklonii)

The taffy-pink flowers of the Plactranthus ecklonii gets, this butterfly-attracting-plant, onto our pink palette gardening list. It has a wide distribution and is a very popular garden plant.

March lily (Amaryllis belladonna)

An exquisite bulb to have in a Western Cape garden. The March lily is something to plant and forget about, then get pleasantly surprised at the end of Summer. 

march lily life landscapes

Pajama bush (Lobostemon fruticosus)

Despite its delicate disposition, the pajama bush attracts lots of attention. It gets pale pink and blue flowers and is commonly found in indigenous gardens.

Pink watsonia (Watsonia borbonica)

A firm favourite among landscapers as it is low maintenance and gets magnificent pink flowers.

Malgas lily (Ammocharis longifolia)

Horiticulturally valued for its ornamental looks, the a malgas lily is a must have for a winter-rainfall garden.

Salmon pink South African flowers

Candelabra lily (Brunsvigia bosmaniae)

The candelabra lily, has two pink shade varieties, with some having a coral tinge, and others are a pale pink hue. The Brunsvigia bosmaniae is not suited to a garden environment. 

Grand duchess sorrel (Sorrel oxalis)

Fast growing with a long flowering period, the Sorrel gets masses of watermelon-pink flowers. It makes for fantastic ground cover in winter-rainfall areas.

Twinspurs (Diascia vigilis)

The twinspur has a sweet disposition in the garden, it gets an abundance of the pink to salmon pink flowers in Spring. It occurs on the eastern-side of the country. 

Purpley-pink plants for a pink palette garden

Candelabra flower (Brunsvigia radulosa)

A stunning garden subject for a veld garden or xeriscapes in the Highveld. It is very hardy and prefers to be ignored. It gets pink, slightly mauve, inflorescence and is loved by gardeners.

Heart-leaved Pelagonium (Pelagonium  cordifolium)

A purplish vein runs through the pink petals of the heart-leaved pelagonium. It flowers for six months of the year. It propagates easily making it a landscaper’s-darling.

Erica hirtiflora

The Erica hirtiflora flowers prolifically and a must have for a pink palette garden in the Western Cape. Its light pink-fucshia, bell-shaped flowers and attracts bees to the garden. Erica species are also loved by sunbirds

Kanol (Watsonia marginata)

The kanol is a fynbos feature, with tall slender leaves and pinky-purple flowers. It flowers in winter and is dormant in summer. It can reach 1,5 metres and very practical plant for a landscaper.

Ivy-leaved pelargonium (Pelargonium peltatum)

This plant likes to scramble so it can grow up trees and trellises. It come in variety of pinks. Landscapers like to let is cascade down retaining walls or terraces.

Shell bush (Orthosiphon labiatus)

This herby bush gets pink, practically purple, flowers, it is a hardy plants and very water-wise. Landscapers  like to use it in mass planting. It is a very aromatic shrub that works well in cottage gardens

If pink is not the palette you are looking for try, an orange palette garden