Green your life with Life Green Group

Life Green Group has expanded our service offering as part of our green journey. The services offered by Life Green Group now include grey water, designated smoking areas and food waste recycling.

Life Green Group offers eco-friendly, sustainable and affordable services for clients. Life Green Group can assist corporations looking to improve their Green Star Rating and lowering their carbon footprint through plantscaping and landscaping. By adding new services to our resume we can further “green” properties.

Life Green Group's divisional logo refresh

The bringing on of new divisions resulted in us looking at the entire brand and our established divisions had a re-fresh. We hope you like our new look.

Going through a branding refresh is a bit like bathing a little kid;  they know it’s necessary but still hate the idea.  - Gavin Heron, Life & Earth

Life Green Group

Life Green Group is a green solutions company and the holding company of all the divisions.

"Life Green Group is now the mother ship with all its little satellite ships under its wing which exactly what we want to portray." - Leanne Meyer, Life Indoors 

life green group

Life Landscapes

The landscaping division is divided into two departments – landscape construction and corporate garden maintenance. We focus on incorporating in sustainable and eco-friendly garden practices that help save client’s money and soothe their green conscious.

We do this by encouraging clients to move towards indigenous water-wise gardens like veld garden, reducing watering and mowing costs. Life Landscapes also specialises in naturescaping and the creation of urban wildlife islands in city gardens.

"I am excited about the new look because it fresh 'n funky. Now, as a group we can offer clients more services and greener services." - Ida-Marie Strydom, Life Landscapes 

Utilising the services of Life & Earth, such as Bokashi, worm farms and in-vessel compost systems we can reduce a site's carbon footprint and waste removal costs. 

life landscapes

Life Indoors

This is the interior plantscaping division specialising in: greenwalls, indoor plants and decorative containers for corporate offices.

Scientific studies have shown that indoor plants have significant benefits for employees – reducing absenteeism and increasing moral and improving mental health.

Life Indoors works closely with Interior Plantscaping Association of South Africa (IPSA) and the Green Building Council and can assist with a building’s Green Star Rating.

Life Indoors can also custom make greenwalls for smoking areas offered by Life Outdoors, whilst planting carbon monoxide absorbing plants.

Life Green Group is focused on greening the world with all divisions, old and new. We know how to make our client's workplace better, and a place for people to enjoy and respect." - Leanne Meyer, Life Indoors 

life indoors

Life Sports Turf

Life Sports Turf specialises in the construction of all sporting facilities. Life Sports Turf uses recycled plastic the for synthetic turf installations. We can also install grey water facilities from Life Water IQ under the sport’s fields.

This division focuses on environmentally-friendly golf courses bringing in urban wildlife golf courses. Golf courses can become green lungs for cities, if managed correctly. 

"The new logos fit perfectly under the Life Green Group umbrella. The logos have a fresh, clean look that describes each division." - Wayne Cilliers, Life Sports Turf 

life sports turf

Life Green Group's new divisions and services

Life Water IQ

South Africa’s eminent water crisis has made Life Water IQ a crucial service offering for Life Green Group. This division specialises in grey water treatment and rain water harvesting. 

Property owners in South Africa are starting to see water as a risk, and like landscapers, are looking for solutions, so toilets can continue to flush and gardens can get water, guilt free. 

Life Water IQ focuses on creating custom-made water solutions for buildings using grey water recycling, rain water harvesting, water treatment, water testing and filtration systems. 

Life Water IQ logo

Life Outdoors

This division focuses on custom-made shelters, designated smoking areas, shade sails, solar power and trendy parklettes.

Life Outdoors also offers ashtray rentals and maintenance contracts that can control and monitor smokers on the property. They also significantly reduce cigarette butt litter in pot plants and gardens.

life outdoors logo

Life & Earth

"Life Green Group 'going green' focus fits right in with our 'enriching earth' mission.  Together we can do a lot more to have a positive impact on our world. We’ve kept part of our identity but hope that the new logo communities a new impetus for both of our companies." - Gavin Heron, Life & Earth

 Life & Earth offers food waste recycling for corporate businesses, turning organic waste into compost on-site. The organic waste composted on-site does not go to landfills, therefore reducing the carbon footprint of the company. 

Bokashi allows for the food waste from kitchens and canteens to be broken down in a safe manner that does not smell or attract unwanted pests.

The Heron IVC and Earth Cycler are industrial in-vessel composting machines that can speed up the composting process by half. 

life and earth