Journey of our Plants

As the saying goes “leave it to the experts” – and that’s exactly what we have done. Over the years, Life Indoors has created a multitude of long-standing partnerships with leading indoor plant growers in our local industry. Once our interior and office plants have matured to size in their mature to size at the local growing farms, they are brought to our temperature-controlled greenhouse for an acclimatisation period to ensure they can exist in a typical office environment. On average, a good quality indoor plant can take anything from one to five years to mature into a specimen hardy enough to withstand and thrive within typical indoor environments. Our plants are treated only with organic indoor soil, fertilizer and disease control products are used with a unique blend of eco-friendly products & water to clean the plants.

This allows the plant to breathe easily, giving off oxygen and absorbing carbon dioxide and all other contaminants floating around the spaces we live and function in. From here, our indoor and office plants are distributed to their new homes in your newly designed green spaces where they form part of a beautiful composition of flora, where they work hard at looking good and doing good. We assess our plants on a regular basis to ensure you receive only the healthiest, freshest plants for your space. If we think some plants could use a little help, we will replace them with new specimens and return them to our greenhouses for a little extra tender loving care once again.