Jungle Gyms

Life Sports Turf can design, build, repair and upgrade steel, plastic and wooden jungle gyms for children, and outdoor gyms for adults.

Jungle Gyms for Schools

We appreciate that a jungle gym is an important part of a child’s physical development, as well as a source of entertainment. We offer safe and affordable custom-made jungle gym equipment that can be fitted with fireman poles, forts, ropes, nets and swings. We specialise in steel, wood and plastic jungle gyms for schools and we can also maintain school playgrounds and gardens.

wooden jungle gym construction and installation

Jungle Gym Manufacturers

Life Sports Turf can design a jungle gym to suit your space, budget and requirements. We recommend wooden jungle gyms made from gum poles as these are cheaper and fit more easily into unusual or difficult spaces than plastic jungle gyms. We also work with steel jungle gyms that are more easily tailor-made than plastic jungle gyms, but don’t have the maintenance costs of wooden frames.


Jungle Gyms for Restaurants

We cannot promise what the milkshakes are like, but our bespoke jungle gym will make your institution an all-time kid’s favourite on Zomato.

With proven experience and trusted insight, we can advise you on the ideal jungle gym combinations for your venue. Our equipment is safe, hygienic, age appropriate and plenty of fun.

Plastic Jungle Gyms

More user-friendly than wooden jungle gyms, our range of plastic play equipment is well engineered, safe, colourful and fun. They are also easy to clean, making them hygienic and durable. Plastic jungle gyms are a good alternative to wooden or steel frames and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Our plastic jungle gyms also have different themes to suit your garden, colour scheme or school. These themes vary from nautical pirates to tropical jungles. They are a low-maintenance option and don’t require sanding, painting or varnishing.