Hockey Fields

The standard dimensions for a hockey pitch in South Africa are 91.4 metres by 55 metres making the total area 5,027 square metres. The field is often referred to as a pitch. Life Sport Turf also specialises in grass and synthetic hockey fields for schools, sporting clubs and international hockey stadiums. Life Sports Turf can maintain, repair, upgrade and install all types of hockey fields.

Types of hockey fields

There are three types of hockey fields:

  • Grass hockey pitches
  • sand-based artificial pitch
  • water-based artificial pitch

Synthetic turf fields are commonly called AstroTurfs. Historically, grass fields were used to play hockey, today artificial turf is preferred for an increased speed of play.


Grass used on hockey fields

Cynodon spp. grass is the preferred grass for hockey pitches but Life Sports Turf can also work with other grass species. Cynodon spp. is a very fine, drought resistant grass that was originally indigenous to South Africa. The grass is kept at 15mm to ensure a better roll speed. Regular scarification ensures that the fields do not develop a sponge-like effect. At schools hockey is often played on Summer sports fields which generally use kikuyu.

"Sweat makes green grass grow” – Field Hockey Slogan

Hockey field maintenance

Life Sports Turf can maintain the grass hockey field with a regular mowing and watering programme. Pre-match we can mark all side-lines, back-lines, quarter-lines, centre-line and shooting circles.

Hockey field Installations

Life Sports Turf installs hockey fields in accordance to the South African standards. Crusher stone, river sand and top soil is used to create a smooth surface.