Water Feature Maintenance

As part of the Life Landscapes gardening service, we manage both natural and chlorinated water features, as well as swimming pools. Whether you have elaborate water features with an intricate pump system or just a small pond, Life Landscapes is up to the task.

water feature garden maintenance

Life Landscapes will clean and maintain all mechanical filters and bio-filters. We will attend to any fish or aquatic plants that you may have in your water feature, as well as monitor the water levels and check for leaks. Our landscape technicians will also remove excess leaves from your water feature, and ensure the fountain timers are set correctly and that the necessary products are added. If pond detoxifiers, foam removers, sludge and filter cleaners, and algaecides are part of your water feature’s maintenance plan, these products will be added when needed.

Life Landscapes also maintains swimming pools, keeping them crystal clear and hygienic.

“I am tired, it’s raining and I am not a waterlily.” – Russell Page

The first summer rains can be a blessing for the garden, but they can also be the start of an algal bloom in your water feature or swimming pool.

Life Landscapes can help monitor your algae woes by:

  • Adding plant eating fish.
  • Alternatively using an aquatic blend of beneficial bacteria that break down sludge, fish food and fish waste.
  • Controlling run-off from lawn fertilisers and the garden.
  • Monitoring the dosages of saline or chlorine.
  • Not overfeeding fish.
  • Regularly removing large clumps of algae.
  • Removing decaying leaves and plant matter from your pond.
  • Repairing leaks.
  • Using UV filters that not only kill algae but also bacteria, parasites and other microscopic beings living in the water.

Life Landscapes only maintains water features for landscape maintenance clients as part of our gardening service.