Water Feature Installations

Life Landscapes assists clients with innovative and water-wise water features that are well-designed, perfectly located and optimally constructed. Our water features are designed to limit water evaporation and water loss and are built well in order not to leak or waste water. Water features add value to property investment and enhance the mood and atmosphere of a garden, making visitors feel good and enjoy their surroundings.

South Africa is a water-scarce country with constant water restrictions, which is why it is important to limit any functional issues, such as leaks and high evaporation rates, in the design and construction phase. When installing a water feature, the three most important aspects are design, location and layout in reducing evaporation.


Life Landscapes can transform spaces with water features that provide proven benefits, including the following:

  • Water features improve people’s enjoyment of outdoor spaces
  • The sound of water is tranquil and can relieve stress and tension
  • Water features can attract birds, bees and wild life
  • Water features can increase foot traffic, which can be good for business
  • Water features and water plants clean air and remove pollen, dust and pollutants
  • Water features can block out unpleasant noise pollution and dampen sound
  • Water features restore a sense of balance, harmony and positive energy

Life Landscapes will advise you on the best location, the optimal design and the most practical filter system, either biological or chemical. Ideally, we aim to design water features that promote aquatic biodiversity. We take care of waterproofing, installation, power and lighting.

water feature maintenance

We can install and maintain the following types of water features:

  • Spouted water features
  • Flat gravity water features
  • Dished water features
  • Wall mounted water features
  • Manmade waterfalls
  • Eco pools
  • Fishponds and koi ponds
  • Extravagant water features with timed lights and fountain displays

"To find joy in work is to discover the fountain of youth."  -  Pearl S. Buck

Life Landscapes will only install water features on sites for which we are the landscape construction contractor. Life Landscapes also offers water feature and fish pond maintenance for clients whose gardens we maintain (this falls under our corporate garden maintenance agreement).