Residential Estate Maintenance

Life Landscapes has vast experience with residential estate maintenance in all climatic regions and biomes across South Africa.

Residential estate maintenance requires attention to detail and superlative customer service because, as a landscaping company, we are dealing with the Home Owners Association (HOA) as well as individual residents. This could mean mowing on Saturdays when the normal mowing routine is interrupted by rain, or changing the watering routine to comply with water restrictions to make sure the gardens are still in blooming good condition. On some estates we even have night-shift watering to fit in with the timeframes allocated by law.

Some residential estates we maintain are:

  • Jackal Creek Golf Estate
  • Pecanwood Estate
  • Sitari Country Estate (Cape Town)
  • Waterfall Equestrian Estate
  • Waterfall Hills Mature Lifestyle Estate

A garden requires patient labour and attention. Plants do not grow merely to satisfy ambitions or to fulfil good intentions. They thrive because someone expended effort on them.” -  Liberty Hyde Bailey

All residential estates will receive an experienced, passionate and dedicated site manager. These site managers will provide constructive advice and eco-friendly solutions to all gardening needs in accordance with the estate’s planting palate.

We don’t just take care of the gardens on the residential estates, we can also assist with dams, fish ponds, veggie gardens, wildlife and domestic animals on the estate. Life Landscapes also has a dedicated sprinkler and irrigation team to help repair any irrigation problems.

Life Landscapes can also implement recycling and organic waste programmes with our Bokashi, worm farms and compost heaps. These systems will not only make your estate more environmentally friendly, but will also reduce the costs of fertilisers and lawn dressing.

We can also manage and install any sports fields, jungle gyms, tennis courts and rubberised tracks through our Life Sports Turf division.

Life Landscapes will do garden upgrades for residents on-site, and we will also attend to both common areas and residential gardens.