Hotel Landscaping Company

Life Landscapes is an award-winning hotel landscaping company, with many of our hotels winning gold SALI awards. We have been fortunate to work at some of the world’s most beautiful hotels, game lodges and beach resorts, including the following:

  • Anantara Bazaruto Island Resort in Mozambique
  • Royal Livingstone Hotel in Victoria Falls (advisory role)
  • The Fairways Hotel, Spa & Golf Resort in Johannesburg
  • The Hyatt Hotel in Johannesburg
  • The Palace at Sun City
  • The Sun City Hotel
  • The Vacation Club at Sun City

Life Landscapes can set a hotel apart from its rivals, assuring hotels of five-star status with beautiful gardens and magnificent settings, including water features fountains, bird aviaries and stunning green areas.


Beach Resort Hotels

If sandy beaches, a sea breeze and coconut trees are all you have to work with in a tropical paradise, then Life Landscapes can help. We can enhance soil quality using our on-site organic composting systems. We will also ensure that indigenous dune and salt tolerant plants (other than palms) are planted to not only enhance the tropical feel of your institution, but to also withstand the coastal elements.

“Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap, but by the seeds you plant.” ~ Robert Louis Stevenson

Safari Lodges

When it comes to bush lodges, Life Landscapes knows best. By embracing naturescaping, Life Landscapes will ensure that rare and endemic trees and wildflowers, such as impala lilies, are planted around your lodge in an effective and natural looking way. By using endemic and rare plants from your reserve or biome, your lodge can turn into a green oasis with minimal watering. Life Landscapes will also come up with innovative and environmentally friendly ways in which to protect your plants from hungry browsers like kudus or elands.

Bush lodges are located far from civilisation, which means a sustainable veggie garden can be important. With our Bokashi system, we can also reuse the green and wet waste from the gardens and kitchens, which means no more harmful, non-organic fertilisers.

Life Landscapes can operate in any national park and private reserve across SADC. Life Green Group can also maintain and upgrade any jungle gyms, golf courses, sports fields, polo fields and bowling greens at your hotel via our Life Sports Turf division.