Space permitting, Life Landscapes will set up a functioning compost system on-site, taking all green waste and turning it into a natural cost-effective fertiliser for the client’s gardens. South Africa is also short of humus in the soil, but a compost heap can assist in creating more hummus.


Things you might not have known:

  • A compost heap can reach 49-77°C, which is hot enough to kill weed seeds and unwanted bacteria.
  • By composting food and yard waste, you create robust and nutrient-rich soil for your garden.
  • Reduces the need for expensive chemical fertilisers.
  • Food waste will reduce to a third of its original weight when it is composted.
  • It takes two to 24 months for organic waste to break down.
  • Over 30% of what we put into landfills is compostable material.

A successful heap requires organic matter, water, air, carbon- and nitrogen-rich materials, worms, fungi, aerobic bacteria and time.

Life Landscapes will supply the equipment needed. It is important to note that compost does not smell while breaking down, as it is an aerobic process. We will also aerate and water the compost heap to ensure that all the organic matter is actively broken down. Life Landscapes is in possession of a chipper, compost mixers, rotary compost trammels and compost sieves, which we can bring to the site when needed.

There is also a new industrial compost machine on the market - the Heron IVC - that can take large quantities of wet waste. This machine is manufactured in South Africa and is currently being utilised in Dubai.

We have successfully set up compost systems on our large landscaping maintenance sites, such as Sun City, Pecanwood and Waterfall Estate, to name a few.

Life Landscapes recommends that you run it in union with a Bokashi system and/or worm farm for an even more powerful natural fertilising product for gardens.

Setting up an effective system is a service we only offer if we are your on-site landscape maintenance contractor.