Life Indoors provides corporates, commercial spaces and smaller businesses with a wide range of beautiful indoor office plants. Our plants are locally sourced from sustainable, reputable green growers across the country. Here at Life Indoors we pride ourselves on providing all our clients with beautifully luscious, succulent and healthy plants that serve a multitude of decorative and functional purposes.

Our dedicated team of skilled green-enthusiasts offer you the highest level of service through the specialisation of the creative design, installation, and maintenance all our interior plantscaping projects.

When providing you with indoor plant scaping, we carefully consider;
  • An acclimatised range of indoor plants that best suit your environment
  • An analysis of cost-effective solutions tailored to your budget.
  • An innovative and hassle-free installation phase.
  • A comprehensive maintenance plan.
  • Service excellence from skilled teams of individuals with a strong passion for plant care, health and safety and service delivery.

Moreover, Life Indoors offers you the opportunity to upgrade and maintain your existing office plants as part of an exclusively designed maintenance plan suited to your preference. Through this service, we conduct regular evaluations of the condition of your plants.  Furthermore, we will replace or replenish your indoor plants to ensure your green spaces are always looking and feeling fresh, abundant, and full of life. With a hassle-free maintenance plan in place, your plants are kept at the highest horticulture standard. This, in turn, allows you to concentrate on your core business in a healthy and happy environment. Along these lines, our service is 100% guaranteed with all deteriorated plants replaced at no additional cost when necessary.

In addition to this, Life Indoors offers the custom design and rental of bespoke containers and vases made-to-order. As required, Life Indoors works closely with interior designers, space planners, landscape architects, property developers and business owners to help design and develop the perfect green space for your designated areas. We pride ourselves on the consistent and reliable delivery of visually-appealing indoor plant arrangements that compliment your unique brand identity and positively enhance your working spaces.

Services Offered

Life Indoors offers a wide range of services to suit your every indoor plantscaping need;

  • Fixed rental contract of: variety of economical or bespoke decorative containers & healthy acclimatized indoor plants. Plants for clients owned decorative containers.
  • Supply and regular rotation of a wide range of indigenous flowering arrangements
  • Maintenance of clients owned plants
  • Artificial greenery
  • Greenwalls

Services Guaranteed

Life Indoors is committed to giving you consistent, professional and reliable service throughout your customer journey from inspiration and implementation to maintenance and care. Thus, with a dedicated team of experienced horticulturalists, Life Indoors ensures specialised and expert assistance for all your indoor greenery needs.

Life Indoor Green Technicians

Life Indoors strives to maintain optimal horticulture standards when managing, delivering, and installing our plants on site. Accordingly, we ensure our Life Indoors technicians receive continual health and safety training throughout their employment with our company. In addition, technicians also participate in regular horticulture training at a Seta registered training college. Furthermore, we insist that each technician has a valid identity card, upholds a valid police clearance certificate, and has annual medical testing.

Moreover, Life Indoors always ensures all teams are wearing a professional uniform with all the necessary safety equipment readily available at all times while on site. Most importantly, however, we insist that each and every employee we take on board identifies closely with Life Indoors’ values and visions.

Green Building Council & Office Plants

The Green Building Council (GBCSA) is an independent, non-profit organisation formed in 2007. The GBCSA promotes the greening of South Africa’s built-up urban environments. The primary focus of the GBCSA is to bring green star quality into interior environments in South Africa. The new green star rating requirements include; a reduction in formaldehyde usage, VOC reduction and removal, increased individual comfort, carbon emission reductions, and of course, more office places.

Going Green – Going Digital

Life Indoors is an enthusiastic and devoted supporter of promoting a more sustainable and green future for our community. As such, we strive to implement systems and structures that can aid the reduction of our environmental footprint. We are proud to announce that we have begun to slowly move away from unsustainable methods in our live indoor plantscaping projects. Along these lines, we are becoming a 100% paperless business. We have successfully implemented a Mobile Field Service Management tool.

This tool is utilized by all technicians for the recording and documenting of each client’s service and project progress. Our Area Managers and Key Accounts Managers have access to this same application. Accordingly, they can oversee and review all services rendered for final confirmation and approval.