Landscaping Construction

Our landscaping services include experienced construction teams that work closely with construction firms and landscape architects from conception to realization of our award-winning projects.
Our commercial and industrial landscape Construction services include earthworks and site clearance. For example, hard landscaping including, paving gabions, curbing, and rock features. Large scale irrigation design and installations; and finally, Hydroseeding and grassing; the transplanting of large trees; ordering and sourcing of long lead-time items.

Commercial Landscape Maintenance

As a landscaping services company, we focus on indigenous, water-wise gardening and the implementation of carbon positive practices on all our sites. This promotes the reduction of the carbon footprint of the building, as well as reducing our client’s budgets. Our commercial clients include corporate office parks; hotels and resorts; shopping malls; airports; hospitals and recreational parks across the country. Along these lines, our ability to solve our clients’ problems through innovative solutions within the green industry is what sets us apart from competitors.

Residential Landscape Maintenance

Residential estates; housing complexes and retirement estates are growing in popularity when it comes to South African’s choosing a home for their families to live in. Pristine gardens, welcoming communal areas as well as impressive entrances and clubhouses contribute to the appeal of living in an estate.

Life Landscapes specialise in the creation and maintenance of estate landscaping, enhancing the beauty of the surroundings which often attracts quality buyers. Moreover, Life Landscapes prides itself on our professional landscaping services and boasts extensive experience in maintaining all landscaping within a residential estate ranging from common areas to individual residential gardens, green belts, wetlands, entrances, and irrigation.

Educational Facilities

These include all primary and secondary schools as well as tertiary facilities. We are passionate about promoting environments that are conducive to helping the youth of our country grow, learn, and thrive. As such, we promote the creation of water-wise and indigenous gardens that can assist in educating children about our environment.  For example, the growing and cultivation of interactive green spaces that allow scholars to interact with, and learn from nature.

Specialized Sports Turf

Our specialized sports turf team has experience in installing, maintaining, and the regular and seasonal treatment of various sports turfs. This includes Athletics fields, astroturf, multi courts, bowling greens, golf courses, cricket pitches, hockey and rugby fields.

Industrial Landscaping

Life Landscapes offers a comprehensive industrial maintenance solution that encompasses the specialized nature of industrial landscape maintenance.

We have the experience and capabilities to effectively execute high-volume landscape maintenance in high-risk environments. Along these lines, we work to protect valuable mining infrastructure and limiting risk to the client as well as the environment.

In addition, our industrial landscaping service offering includes Alien invasive plant eradication, Agriseta accredited training and development of employees and well as local communities, High profile sports facility maintenance as well as ornamental landscape maintenance for corporate and high-profile mining areas, Organic waste management, High-risk area maintenance,

Residential Landscape Design and Installation

Kingfisher Landscaping creates cutting-edge, contemporary outdoor spaces for clients to enjoy – each one-of-a-kind landscape is a work of art, blending colour, form and texture in nature. The highly qualified team offer landscape design as well as custom-built sculptures and water features.
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Training and Professional Services

Lifestyle College is in business to provide the highest standard of education in industry-related training courses. Thereby providing all our learners with quality Outcomes-Based Education and training driven by the integrity, accountability, professionalism and innovation of our lecturers/trainers and support staff.

All courses offered are:
  • Registered with South African Qualification Authority and Agriculture Sectoral Education and Training Authority (AgriSeta).
  • Tailor-made to suit the requirement of each client.
  • Completed at your premises of choice rained on the job.
The courses:

Vary from a Learnership (8 months course) to short skills courses (few days/weeks) Are conducted by trainers who are qualified facilitators & assessors.

The College has:
  • 7 Qualified assessors
  • 7 Qualified facilitators
  • 3 Administrative staff
  • 1 Moderator

Life Landscapes has a professional team of qualified facilitators and assessors who are passionate about imparting their knowledge and expertise through various training programmes. All are qualified and certified by AgriSETA (Agricultural Sector Education Authority). Regular training programmes keep our facilitators up to date with new training methodologies and ensure that we set a high standard of facilitation.