#GrowatHome with Life Green Group

There are so many ways you can benefit from spending time at home with your loved ones. We’re going to focus on how you can #GrowatHome. Whether it’s through growing your very own plants from seed, or choosing indoor plants to add some life to your home, now is the time to invest in ourselves.

Join the #SpekboomChallenge

Put a cap on your carbon footprint and join the #SpekboomChallenge, South Africa.  The humble spekboom (Portulacaria afra) has become quite the succulent sensation in South Africa, and this hardy plant is quite literally saving our bacon.  Along with Siya Kolisi, captain of the

Visit the new Urban Savannah in Joburg CBD

As part of FNB’s R100m Joburg City Centre head office revamp, the Life Indoors team met with the banking giant to discuss the facelift to the outdoor Urban Savannah area. At first, the brief was to remove the existing plants including hedges and Clivias from the built-in troughs in order to waterp

Keeping an eye on the Amazon rainforest fires

The world’s largest rainforest, the Amazon covers 5.5 million km² of land and is one of the world’s most important ecosystems. Often referred to as the “lungs of the earth” the rainforest is made up of billions of trees which absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere as well as produce oxyg

Soundscaping, the acoustics of landscaping

The crunching of gravel, the rustling of palms in the wind, the early morning chirping of birds and sound of falling water all contribute to the soundscape of a garden. Noise pollution can be a massive issue in buzzing metropolises. Landscape architects often rely on vegetation to absorb the effe

Tree of the year for 2019 is Sclerocarya birrea; Maroela

Tree of the year for 2019 is Sclerocarya birrea; Maroela tree, an iconic African symbol. Found in numbers in the warmer parts of southern Africa and further north . Historically this tree was brought south by the bantu tribes as they migrated down the eastern parts of Africa. It has spiritual as wel

Aloe allure: the case for planting amazing Aloes in your garden

For some reason, Aloes have traditionally been rather overlooked in local gardens. It’s only really in recent years, with the need for a more water-wise approach to gardening, that these delightful indigenous plants have started to rise in popularity. There really is no mistaking these distinct

How to Grow Succulents Indoors

We’ve probably all killed a plant or two during our lifetimes. Sometimes it’s a bad match: We pick a plant that needs a lot of light or a lot of love and we don’t give it those two necessities. Or maybe we’ve overwatered when we should have underwatered. Or maybe, just maybe, our green thumb

Indigenous inspiration: why planting local is right on trend

The movement towards locally-sourced products, services, and just about anything and everything you can imagine has been going strong for a few years now. The ‘Local is Lekker’ concept is a great way of supporting local industries, but it’s about time we extend that sentiment to promoting and

Spring cleaning: preparing your garden for spring

Have you noticed that chill in the air slowly beginning to fade? Finding that bundling up under all those blankets at night suddenly feels a little too toasty? That's right, winter is finally on the way out, making room for the ever-so-lovely spring months and replacing all those dreary greys with a

Why you should give your garden a trim before Spring

It may seem counter-intuitive to prune your plants in winter; the thought of removing layers and exposing more of the plant to the cold winter conditions just sounds like a bad idea, but the truth is quite the opposite! Pruning in winter is essential to your yearly garden maintenance routine and

Hexagons, honeybees and gravel paving.

World Honey Bee Day BERA Gravel Fix® draws inspiration from the hexagonal shape of the honeycomb. Through the honey bees incredible work ethic and years of evolution this industrial insect has perfected the honeycomb. The 18 August 2018, is World Honey Bee Day, and at BERA we decided to celebrat

South African landscaping trends for 2018

The art of landscaping is constantly evolving with the times, and, in South Africa in particular, there is not just a necessity for landscaping design to stay on trend with aesthetic considerations, but to incorporate practical, water-wise solutions. So, in order to keep you in the know on the co

Preparing a garden for black frost

Preparing a garden for black frost In a typical South African winter snow sets in Drakensberg. Cape Town’s north-westerly winds bring the winter rain to the Western Cape. While in the interior, frigid cloudless days set in the Gauteng regions. Along with the cold comes frost. What is black f

Is a ‘green wall’ more than an aesthetic feature?

In recent years, as the need for environmentally-conscious design and architecture has grown, so too has the popularity of ‘green walls’ in both home and commercial spaces. The definition of a green wall can vary widely, and no, it doesn’t simply imply a wall with coat of green paint! Occup

The water-wise succulent garden

Let’s face it, water is perhaps our most precious natural resource and we are notoriously bad at conserving it. The recent ‘day zero’ scenario in Cape Town was an ominous sign of just how scary life can be without water, and although it may have caused a few nervous breakdowns in Constantia, i

Kisses won’t save the frogs but water lilies will

Frogs are one of nature’s litmus test for a healthy environment. The chorus of croaking frog is synonymous with sunset and spring in South Africa. They are also an excellent way, along with fish, to keep mosquito populations under control; after all they get to eat what bugs them.   Boil

7 Eco-friendly ways to create a water-wise garden

Drought and the water restrictions have had major implications for landscapers and passionate gardeners. So we thought you might like to know how Life Landscapes, a division of Life Green Group, is sailing through the dry spell. Firstly, the water problems are here to stay so it’s time to

Indoor plants balancing humidity in the workspace

Humidity is the amount of moisture in the air. Humidity levels are closely linked to comfort levels of humans - if employees are comfortable, they’re more productive.  Too often offices and corporate buildings have poorly installed ventilation systems which contribute to numerous problems,

Silver plants for those grey areas in the garden

Looking for information about a silver palette garden, well here is some free data about indigenous grey coloured plants from Life Landscapes. In colour psychology grey can be regarded as emotionless, conservative with a degree of sophistication and business. Grey is moody and dull associated wit

9 Auspicious trees in Zulu culture

With Heritage Day being celebrated on the 24th of September and Life Landscapes having recently branched out into Durban, we have decided to explore the cultural uses of eight Zululand trees in Zulu culture. Umphafa/Umlahlankosi - Buffalo thorn (Ziziphus mucronata) The branches

How to create a South African succulent garden

Too long has the succulent garden been dominated by an oasis of exotic Echeveria. As a South African landscaping company we are thirsty for an indigenous planting palette and feeling a bit hangover from all tequila-brewing cactuses. [caption id="attachment_6164" align="alignnone" width="650"] Exo

The Honeybee vs the Earthworm. Who is a gardener’s best friend?

Written by: Jade Calder Above the ground we have the honeybee, weighing at approximately 280mg, with a stinger for a punch. Bees are one of the most important insects, if not animals, in the world, as they are responsible for pollinating most of the fruit and veg found in the local supermarket. W

Falconry providing a sustainable form pigeon control

Feral pigeons are – hated by facility managers, loathed by twitchers (bird watchers) and are an ornithologist’s worst nightmare. Life Green Group likes to focus on naturescaping on our landscaping sites, meaning we try attracting indigenous bird species and urban wildlife to our gardens. Fera

Street-wise trees for roadsides, parking lots and highways

Life Landscapes, the landscaping division of Life Green Group has decided to take a closer look at the street trees that line our roadsides and parking lots.  Here are some things a facility manager or landscape architect should think about before a trees drips sap on the sunroof or starts push

Having owls in the garden is a hoot

The owl has a reputation for being wise and a symbol of status, this reputation hails from the Greek Mythology as the owl was an icon of Athena, the goddess of learning and intelligence. So without further ado, twit twoo, here is how to attract owls to the garden.   Owls play an important

Macramé indoor plant hangers on trend

Life Indoors is adding another string to their bow with macramé indoor plant hangers. Macramé indoor plant hangers have come swinging into fashion among interior plantscapers. As offices have become smaller and employees demand a more modern, happy working space, interior plantscapers have reso

What indoor office plant does your workspace require?

Indoor plants have significant benefits for employees and as interior plantscapers we are able to advice on what indoor office plants can enhance specific office spaces. This is a rough guideline that may help keep the indoor office plants alive in the workspace.   Office plants and livi

Blueprint flowers for an indigenous blue palette garden

Written by: Jade Calder In nature, blue is the colour of the sky and sea. When one thinks of blue skies and azure blue seas, it is associated with peace and tranquility above everything else. Universally, it is considered the most popular colour of them all. Blue is considered beneficial to

Interview with SAGIC chairlady, Ida-Marie Strydom

This year the SAGIC SANA convention is taking place in the Drakensberg from the 12th to 15th June. The first SAGIC convention, 17 years ago in 2000, was held at the same venue. This year’s green theme is Back to your Roots.   The South African Green Industries Council (SAGIC) is an umbrell

Coastal landscaping with indigenous beach-dwelling flora

Much like gardening, salt water can provide a cure for almost anything, or at least at Life Landscapes we think so. However, these two therapeutic past-times don’t mix well. The ocean has been an endless source of stories, adventure and turmoil for mankind and endless problems for landscapers plan

Learn about composting organic waste

At Life & Earth and Life Landscapes we agree with Eliot Coleman – "information is like compost, it does no good unless you spread it around." And today, the 29th of May, is Learn about Compost Day so we are going to be sharing some composting facts. With years of experience getting our hands d

Green your life with Life Green Group

Life Green Group has expanded our service offering as part of our green journey. The services offered by Life Green Group now include grey water, designated smoking areas and food waste recycling. Life Green Group offers eco-friendly, sustainable and affordable services for clients. Life Green Gr

10 white flowering trees for an indigenous moon garden

White is used in landscaping to create a classic feel. White flowering trees provide a neutral tone and can serve to lighten the darker areas of a garden. As discussed in our previous moon garden blog, white flowers also appear to glow at night. Pearls, lace, unicorns, clouds, swans, polar bears

What is an interior plantscaper?

Interior plantscaping, otherwise referred to as interior landscaping, is a branch of interior decorating that focuses on indoor plants and containers inside buildings and offices.  An interior plantscaper will design, arrange, and care for plants in and walled space. Plantscapers need to hav

Naturescaping for garden bats in South Africa

Life Landscapes has investigated how to attract Halloween’s favourite critter to a garden. With countless landscaping sites across South Africa we have realised the importance of urban wildlife islands for a city’s biodiversity. Landscapers and citizens often make use of bug hotels, barbet nests

An indigenous planting list for a pink palette garden

We know what indigenous trees and shrubs tickled us pink but what about the flowers for a pink palette garden?  If you are looking to plant a pink palette landscape there are loads of indigenous varieties of flowers,  that come in a variety of shades of pink from ballerina pink to coral

Exploring the Durban Garden as a landscape style

KwaZulu Natal is often referred to as the 'Garden Province', and you''ll often hear local landscapers talk about a particularly green garden as  being a “Durban Garden.”  What is a Durban Garden? When was the term Durban garden coined, and by who?  Life Landscapes, the landscape division of L

How to create a South African butterfly garden using host plants

Most butterfly garden blogs will tell you to plant nectar-rich plants like lavender, Freylinas, Salvias or Buddleja species and to stop using insecticides in the garden. But those gardeners are forgetting one thing: a butterfly garden is not about the butterfly and the flowers - it’s about the

6 Indoor plants that filter cigarette smoke

The Amazon jungle is considered the lungs of the earth filtering out carbon dioxide. Closer to home, Indoor plants are regarded as the lungs of the office, filtering out harmful toxins like cigarette smoke (carbon monoxide). The dangers of cigarette smoke (Carbon Monoxide) Cigarette litter is a pa

Resurfacing the tennis court on Play Tennis Day

The 23rd of February is Play Tennis Day so it is time to make your way down to the tennis court! Tennis is known as a social sport, enjoyed by family, friends, school children and work colleagues. Today, it is time to bust out the strawberries and cream; start chopping fruit for the Pimms and find

Flirting with red roses this Valentines Day

The red rose and romance - ‘a tale as old as time’ – there has been no other enduring symbol of romantic love in western culture, since the beginning of time.  The rose has inspired 4000 song lyrics and is, along with candy and jewelry, the ultimate Valentine’s Day gift. The Red Rose throu

Kei-apples offering organic security at Soweto school

Landscapers use plants for many reasons - for food, shade, to control erosion, to attract wildlife and to lower maintenance costs, but here is a story about how a feisty plant, the kei-apple (Dovyalis caffra), has been used as a form of affordable organic security. Security Issues at Schools

Do you speak tree?

When installing a tree on a landscaping site Life Landscapes has to take into consideration many things. Planting a tree is a 20 year investment and you need to make sure you do your investigation root and branch! Depending on the motivation for planting the tree, here is what a responsible lands

11 Landscaping trends to look out for in 2017

The El Nino drought has played a significant role in the blazing of gardening trends in 2017 and it’s not just being felt in South Africa, it’s global! It seems climate change is having a positive effect on gardens by changing the way people plant. “Dubbed the slowest of the performing arts

Creating a garden for fruit-eating birds this Bird Day

Bird Day takes place every year on the 5th of January,  so the landscaping division, Life Landscapes, of Life Green Group has decided to explore how to go about creating a garden that attract fruit-eating birds because at Life Landscapes we're bananas about barbets. [caption id="attachment_4704"

How to create a South African moon garden.

If you are a night owl or run a corporate operation that never sleeps, you might want to consider a garden that comes alive at night - a moon garden. Creating a moon garden is no celestial feat - all one has to do is grow white plants that flower all year round. White plants are said to glow at n

Get your hands dirty this World Soil Day.

World Soil Day takes place on 5th December every year and is an important day for flower lovers, landscapers and farmers alike. It also offers the perfect excuse to get your hands dirty. Why Life Green Group digs soil: “The roots of all goodness lie in the soil of appreciation for goodness.” -

Orange is the happiest colour! Plant an orange garden.

Autumn leaves, goldfish and sunsets are all associated with the Netherland’s national colour - orange. And there are many things associated with this colour in a garden too - especially when it comes to veggie gardens. Pumpkins, naartjies, butternuts, carrots, peaches, nasturtiums, mangos and apri

Seven South African trees for a sensational sunbird garden

When creating a sensational sunbird garden, it’s important to remember that sunbirds are drawn to the colour red, like a Spanish bull to a red cloth. Their beaks are long and curved; adapted to fit in trumpet-shaped flowers. There are 21 species of sunbird in South Africa - two of which are e

10 South African trees and shrubs that have us tickled pink!

If a pink planting palate tickles your fancy and you are feeling inspired by Aerosmith, here are 10 indigenous trees to grow in a pink South African garden. Pink is a non-threatening colour that inspires confidence and is widely considered to have carefree, fun and happy connotations. Pink also c