Monthly Archives: November 2017

Kisses won’t save the frogs but water lilies will

Frogs are one of nature’s litmus test for a healthy environment. The chorus of croaking frog is synonymous with sunset and spring in South Africa. They are also an excellent way, along with fish, to keep mosquito populations under control; after all they get to eat what bugs them.   Boiling frog syndrome in gardens…
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7 Eco-friendly ways to create a water-wise garden

Drought and the water restrictions have had major implications for landscapers and passionate gardeners. So we thought you might like to know how Life Landscapes, a division of Life Green Group, is sailing through the dry spell. Firstly, the water problems are here to stay so it’s time to adapt by re-examining the way we garden…
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Indoor plants balancing humidity in the workspace

Humidity is the amount of moisture in the air. Humidity levels are closely linked to comfort levels of humans - if employees are comfortable, they’re more productive.  Too often offices and corporate buildings have poorly installed ventilation systems which contribute to numerous problems, including sub-optimal humidity levels. Humidity should be kept between 40% - 60%. …
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