Monthly Archives: October 2017

Let’s talk about the use of Glycophosphates in herbicides on sports fields

In the world of professional sports and turfgrass upkeep, all international fields should be maintained to the highest standard.  Life Sports Turf has made a conscious decision to reduce our use of herbicides on the rugby fields and soccer pitches we maintain.   Mitigating the effects of herbicides on sports fields  The turfgrass industry is cutting-edge in…
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Silver plants for those grey areas in the garden

Looking for information about a silver palette garden, well here is some free data about indigenous grey coloured plants from Life Landscapes. In colour psychology grey can be regarded as emotionless, conservative with a degree of sophistication and business. Grey is moody and dull associated with storm clouds, metal, smoke and mirrors. [caption id="attachment_6223" align="alignnone"…
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