Monthly Archives: May 2017

Learn about composting organic waste

At Life & Earth and Life Landscapes we agree with Eliot Coleman – "information is like compost, it does no good unless you spread it around." And today, the 29th of May, is Learn about Compost Day so we are going to be sharing some composting facts. With years of experience getting our hands dirty…
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Green your life with Life Green Group

Life Green Group has expanded our service offering as part of our green journey. The services offered by Life Green Group now include grey water, designated smoking areas and food waste recycling. Life Green Group offers eco-friendly, sustainable and affordable services for clients. Life Green Group can assist corporations looking to improve their Green Star…
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10 white flowering trees for an indigenous moon garden

White is used in landscaping to create a classic feel. White flowering trees provide a neutral tone and can serve to lighten the darker areas of a garden. As discussed in our previous moon garden blog, white flowers also appear to glow at night. Pearls, lace, unicorns, clouds, swans, polar bears and doves are all…
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