Feral Cat Control

Life Landscapes has the expertise to manage and control feral cats in a humane way. As a landscaping company, we often work on large sites where domestic cat populations have become feral in the gardens. Without proper management, the number of these feral cats increases and, in areas on the periphery of cities, this is a major problem due to interbreeding with South African wild cat populations.

Cats have a massive impact on the local biodiversity found in a garden and are known to decimate indigenous bird populations, especially those that create nests in low-lying areas. Life Landscapes acknowledges the benefits of having a controlled feral cat population as they reduce rat populations, but the population does need to be monitored and who better to do it than the landscapers. The feral cats, if not controlled, can be regarded as pests and can become off putting for visiting clients.

Feral Cat Control
“Time spent with cats is never wasted.” -  Sigmund Freud

Life Landscapes will assign a gardener and a local vet to monitor your feral cat control and ensure that the known cats are inoculated and sterilised. By establishing a long-term management plan, we can reduce the feral cat population to a sustainable size without euthanising any animals. We can also set up a vaccination programme to monitor the health of the felines so that they don’t spread disease or fleas. Kittens will immediately be rehomed after they have been weened.

Life Landscapes has been managing feral cat populations for several years and we even have an established feral cat population at our own office park that we monitor.

Feral cat control is an additional service that Life Landscapes offers in conjunction with corporate garden maintenance. If your property has a problem with feral cats, look at Life Landscapes as your gardening contractor.