About Us

How it started

In 1984 Oscar Lockwood started selling plants out of his garage to offices. However, as he had no horticultural training, he found it hard to keep these plants alive. Enter Deighton Clegg, whose presence marked not only the beginning of a 34-year partnership, but also the start of The Office Plant. In 1988 the partners started Real Landscapes and were joined by Ida-Marie Strydom, who previously worked under Deighton. In 1991, Deighton and Oscar started Lifetime Plants and Illusion Mouldings, followed by Fish Focus in 1992. All of these businesses served the needs of corporates and began to blossom.

In 1998 Deighton and Oscar sold The Office Plant and Real Landscapes, which employed over 2,500 staff combined, to Servest, in order to pursue other interests.

In 2005, Ida, Oscar and Deighton united once again to create Life Landscapes. They were joined by Rob Lewis (CA(SA)) who would take on the role of Financial Director. In 2008 the business merged with Evergreen Turf to form Ukhumba Green Services, with the goal of extending the range of services to include gardens, sports fields and turf maintenance, as well as lawn sales. In 2013 Life Landscapes split from Ukhumba to form Life Green Group, which has three divisions -  Life Landscapes, Life Indoors and Life Sports Turf. Life Green Group is expanding its services to include designated smoking area solutions under a new division called Life Outdoors.

Through its association with Africa United, the Life Sports Turf division has broaden its capabilities to now also include synthetic turf, tennis courts and jungle gyms. Life Landscapes works closely with Earth Probiotic, a food waste solutions company that operates under its own name.

Today Life Green Group employs in excess of 1,200 staff across its branches in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Pretoria. We are operational in all nine provinces and have worked in most SADC countries.

Life Green Group acknowledge that climate change is having a massive impact on the environment. We therefore aim to promote xeriscaping and naturescaping on our sites and we urge our clients to practise sustainable gardening methods.